Hi Everyone!

Thank you for wanting to be part of the NASFIC experience! Are you looking to make your NASFIC experience the best ever?? To be able to see what happens and be part of the behind the scenes excitement? We have the perfect solution! VOLUNTEER!!!!

NASFIC needs people to help out during the convention. If you are up for the challenge, please complete the volunteer form.

I am so looking forward to meeting all of you at NASFiC!

Linda Pierce

We are looking for volunteers to fill roles ranging from department heads to info desk staffers.

Please browse the list of available roles below, and contact volunteers@buffalonasfic2024.org to apply.

If you don’t see a role that calls to you, please fill out the volunteer form to express your interest. If you have any problems with the form please let us know at webmaster@buffalonasfic2024.org.

Click on any role to see a description of that role.

Sales Table

Tasks and responsibilities: Sales to members At Con Team Lead; A team lead is needed to help throughout the days. You would be responsible for scheduling. You will be in charge of a staff at the con to sell con specific merchandise.

Skills and experience: Knowledge of credit cards and cash drawers a plus. You will be trained prior to the con.

Time commitment: You would have to be available to the table throughout the con

At Con Registration Staff

Tasks and responsibilities: You will be working under the Registration lead and guiding people through the registration process. This should be fun for both of you!

Skills and experience: Cash register/Credit Card experience a plus. You will be trained. Being a people person is a plus.

Time commitment: This may include a zoom meeting or 2 before the con. During the con, you will need to be at registration during the hours you have committed to.


Tasks and responsibilities: Arrange for, set up, and remove NASFiC-related, fan-related, and Guest of Honor-related exhibits (mostly posters)

Skills and experience: Fannish connections a plus

Time commitment: about 1-2 hours/week before the convention arranging exhibits; set-up and tear-down (Wed/Sun); check in occasionally during the convention; return shipping afterwards


Tasks and responsibilities:  Arrange for donations and get them ship to our storage; help set up flyer racks, put out free stuff, keep it neat as needed

Skills and experience:  some lifting, email

Time commitment:  a few hours precon, set-up (wed) and tear-down (sun);
drop by occasionally to neaten during the convention

Discord Manager

Tasks: Admit people and assign proper roles in the Buffalo NASFiC Discord server; maintain the server and add channels as needed; remove spammers/bad actors from the channel. Assisting people with getting on the Discord.

Time commitment: initially, 1-2 hours a week, increasing as the convention gets closer; pretty intense the first couple of days of the convention, gradually dropping off during the convention; pretty much no activity by a month afterwards.

  • Pre-con:
    • Graphic Artists to help with creation and editing for publications
    • Layout Editor for publications (Flyers, posters, the Souvenir Book)
    • Diversity Readers for publications, including program descriptions
    • Proofreaders
    • Local area volunteers to distribute flyers and posters
    • Local Printer Liaison to pick up print jobs and deliver them to conchair and the con.
  • Pre-con AND At-con:
    • Social Media Head
      • Responsibilities include reformatting material for social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, Threads, possibly Blue Sky, etc.), making sure it is accurate and proofread, and managing steady schedule of posting.
    • Discord
      • Moderators
      • Channel and Role/Ribbon Management
  • At-Con Only:
    • Newsletter Editor
      • Responsibilities include recruiting and managing a team to process submissions to the newsletter from Programming, Concom, and Members, producing at least 4 editions of at-con newsletter in print (black and white, Friday, Saturday Morning, Saturday Evening/Late Afternoon, and Sunday) and digital (color bonus material can be posted in the digital edition) for the web; also funnel incoming news appropriately to Social Media Head and Discord if they weren’t already copied on it. 
    • The Newsletter will accept submissions by email and will also have a box for paper submissions to be scanned or typed up.
    • Newsletter writers/editors
    • Newsletter Photographers/photo editors
    • Newsletter Runners to take printed copies to the Hotel Lobby/Registration area, the Green Room, Consuite, and the Information table and Fan Lounge at the Convention Center -needed Friday Afternoon, Saturday morning, Saturday late afternoon, and Sunday morning.