Dealers’ Room FAQ

Before you become a dealer, please read this to determine if you qualify:

Also read our convention code of conduct. The entire convention is a family-friendly space.

Spaces & Prices

Single table, $100: one 8’ by 2.5’ table (2.4m by 0.75m), two chairs, one table covering, minimum 3’ (1m) behind the table. No memberships or electricity included (may be purchased separately)

Two tables, $200: two single tables as above. Please let us know if you prefer straight tables or a corner.

Single booth, $350: a 10’ by 10’ space (3m by 3m) which includes one 8’ by 2.5’ table (2.4m by 0.75m), two chairs, one table covering, one plug, and two dealer memberships. An additional plug and additional memberships may be purchased. Booths do not include sidewalls.

Double booth, $550: a 10’ by 20’ space (3m by 6m) which includes two 8’ by 2.5’ tables (2.4m by 0.75m each), four chairs, two table coverings, two plugs, and two dealer memberships (not 4). Additional memberships may be purchased. Booths do not include sidewalls.

If you have any special space requests, please note them at the end of the form. We will do our best to accommodate you. You may bring in your own tables, bookcases, signs, etc., so long as it fits in your space. No strong scents or noisy objects (use headphones) will be permitted. Be kind to your neighbors!

With your confirmation, you will get a link to purchase up to two discounted memberships at $75. All vendors who are in the room between 4pm Thursday and 2pm Sunday are required to have memberships. This discounted membership rate will expire on May 31st. After that time, you may buy memberships for the current public rate.

Vendors may buy electricity. The convention center charges $90 per plug if ordered in advance. This must be ordered through us by May 31st. The convention center has free public WiFi.


Vendors who apply before April 30th will be juried into the room based on their merchandise. Some applicants may be redirected towards more appropriate spaces (such as the Alley or Art Show). We jury because we care! Nobody wants a dealer’s room that is all one type of merchandise, and we don’t want to see vendors sad because their stuff won’t sell. We give you a chance to tell us what you sell, and provide a URL, so we can see what you have to best judge what will go into the room. Notifications will go out in May, along with a request for immediate payment. We will maintain a short waiting list.

Location & Hours

The Dealer’s Room will be located in the Buffalo Convention Center, which is in downtown Buffalo NY. The Convention Center is attached to our hotel, which will have our program, events and gaming. The exhibit hall has not only vendors, but also the Art Show, Autographing, Alley, Fan Tables, Static Exhibits, and concessions. Thus, it is sure to be a major draw for our attendees.

Dealers will be loading in and out through the convention center loading dock. Instructions will be sent in July. If you have special needs for loading in and out, contact us. Every day, you will be allowed into the hall up to an hour in advance of the public; you must leave within an hour of the area closing to the public. When the convention center is closed, nobody will be allowed in for any reason, except the center’s security staff.

Thu, 9am – 3pm, vendor load in & set up
Thu, 4pm – 7pm, open to the public
Thu, 7pm – 8pm, hall closes
Thu 8pm – Fri 9am, hall secured – no entry
Fri, 9am – 11am, hall opens to vendors and exhibits staff only
Fri, 11am – 6pm, open to the public
Fri, 6pm – 8pm, art show reception; vendor area closed & secured
Fri, 8pm – 9pm, hall closes
Fri 9pm – Sat 9am, hall secured – no entry
Sat, 9am – 10am, hall opens to vendors and exhibits staff only
Sat, 10am – 5pm, open to the public
Sat, 5pm – 6pm, hall closes
Sat 6pm – Sun 9am, hall secured – no entry
Sun, 9am – 10am, hall opens to vendors and exhibits staff only
Sun, 10am – 2pm, open to the public
Sun, 2pm – 6pm, hall closes; move out

Important Dates

April 30th – Vendor applications close
May 2024 – Vendor jurying, notifications and payment
May 31 – All payments due, including discounted memberships and electricity
Early July – Final instructions sent
July 18 – 21 – Buffalo NASFiC

Contact Information

Pre-con Liaison: Brendan Lonehawk
At-con Liaison: Mark Hertel
Exhibits Head: Lisa Hertel