What is NASFiC?

NASFiC is the North American Science Fiction Convention, a gathering of fans, writers, artists, costumers, filkers, gamers, and other participants and creators from across the United States and Canada (mainly; all are welcome to attend). It is organized under the rules of the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS) which is best known for organizing the World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) which hosts the Hugo Awards. NASFiCs are organized in years when the Worldcon happens outside North America, which has happened seven times in the past twenty years and is scheduled for 2023 and probably 2024. It performs a function similar to Eurocon, an annual gathering of European fans, although Eurocon is operated outside of the WSFS umbrella. With more than a third of Worldcons being held outside North America, NASFiC is intended to be an easy way to bring the fan community together without missing a year without having to pay the higher cost or travel overseas. A NASFiC is smaller than a Worldcon, though we expect over a thousand people to attend the NASFiC in Buffalo in 2024.

With a four-day convention bringing people from across the continent, it will be a little more expensive than the typical local convention where you see the same local authors and fans every year, but a NASFiC is much cheaper to get to than a Worldcon, so we will see some newer and less-established authors and creators coming to introduce themselves to a national and international audience. We expect about half our membership will come from upstate New York and southern Ontario, and most of the rest will come from the wider region including the East Cost to the Midwest. So come join us and help us celebrate the best of science fiction and fantasy in many media and activities.