The 16th North American Science Fiction Convention

18-21 July 2024
Buffalo, NY at the Hyatt Regency Buffalo

Are you all fired up for the Buffalo NASFiC in July?

This convention is a product of a lot of fans in western and upstate NY, fans from all over the US. We’ve even got some fans from Canada to make this work. Without these fans, there would be no NASFiC.

We are planning a lot of events we hope will make the convention good for all of our attendees too. Like chicken wings, they’ve been around for a while, but it was here in Buffalo that we put our spin on them and made them world renown.

Every week or two our Chairman will be updating you on things we will be planning. Check out the link here to find out some of the ideas:
From the Chair


The judges for the Frank R. Paul Awards are pleased to announce the nominees for 2024: 2024 FRANK R. PAUL AWARDS (for 2023 calendar year) BEST BOOK COVER NOMINEES:

  • Zen and the Art of Starship Maintenance; Cover Art by Pawel Dabrowski
  • Where Peace Is Lost; Cover Art by

Buffalo NASFiC invites you to take a bus ride to Niagara Falls on July 18 with our Guest of Honor, Alan Dean Foster.

The cost is $50 for the round trip. The bus will leave from the hotel at 9 a.m., and arrive at Niagara Falls approximately 45 minutes later (depending on traffic). You must be back at the bus by 1 p.m. from the same location where it arrived in order to return to the hotel. Snacks will be provided on the bus. The cost for the bus trip is $50.

To reserve a seat, please click here.

We need 50 people to register; if we don’t reach 50 by June 30, the full payment will be refunded.

Guests of Honor

Alan Dean Foster

Author GoH

Nilah Magruder


Kaja Foglio

Artist GoH

Phil Foglio

Artist GoH

Tony and Suford Lewis

Fan GoHs

Cheryl Ntumy

Cheryl Ntumy

Virtual GoH

See You in Buffalo!