Art Show

Art Show

Welcome to the 2024 Buffalo NASFiC Art Show. We intend to have science fiction and fantasy art from some of the most talented artists from all over the United States and Canada.

We will have an art exhibit in the convention center, featuring art from numerous science fiction and fantasy artists, and other genre illustrators and creators.

Our Artists Guests of Honor, Phil and Kaja Foglio, as well as our YA Guest of Honor, Nilah Magruder, will have their artwork prominently displayed in the art show. The art exhibit will open on Thursday afternoon, and run through Saturday evening, with sales on Sunday. Much of the art will be for sale to our members.

As of June 24, 2024 the following artists are scheduled to show their art (in no particular order):

Alan F. Beck
Elaine C. Oldham
Heidi Hooper
Ingrid Kallick
Jeff A. Menges
John Granacki
Johnna Klukas
Jordan Popovich
Joy Alyssa Day
Kathryn Landis
Lisa Hertel
Raymond VanTilburg
Sarah Clemens
Scott Zrubek
Theresa Halbert
Theresa Mather
Tomi V Welch
Jacob and Wayne Fowler
Nilah Magruder
Phil & Kaja Foglio
A. L. Raden
Abranda Icle
Christy Grandjean
David Lee Pancake
David Mattingly
Ellis Bray
Jeff Sturgeon
Judy Peterson
Peri Charlifu
Sandra SanTara
Shirley Meier
Dan Cortopassi
Ellen M. “Blade” McMicking

The NASFiC Art Show will be run by members of the East Coast Art Show Crew, who work on art shows from Baltimore to Boston. If you are interested in being an exhibitor artist or maker, please read on!

Register for the art show at, or e-mail us at:

Two dimensional art will be displayed on brown pegboard mounted on a sturdy frame and lit. Each 2D space is four feet square (4×4, or 1.2msq, holes 1″ apart), and costs $35. We provide peg hooks, which work with wired art, but not sawtooth hangers. Table spaces for 3D art are 4 feet by 2.5 feet (1.2mx0.75m) in size.

Each table space is also $35. You may have stands, pedestals or shelving on your table, so long as it is less than three feet (0.9m) high (excluding the art). You may purchase up to three spaces total (2D or 3D or mix), but we are unable to sell partial spaces. If you are sharing your space, all artists must register with the show. Prints are welcome, but must be displayed in your space; there will not be a separate print shop. We have a limited number of long peghooks available for prints. All art must be created by the submitting artist(s). There is no fee for mailing in art, but we reserve the right to restrict the number of artists mailing in, based on how many volunteers we have. Artists in the show may also have an alley table or be a vendor for an additional fee.

AI & Digital Art

We will accept digital art (including photography), but strongly recommend you provide a certificate of authenticity. We cannot accept any generated AI art from a commercial provider (such as MidiJourney) at this time, as the algorithm has been sourced from copyrighted material not owned by the creator — even if you are basing it on your own art. Any AI or copyright-infringing art will be removed, and the artist will not be refunded for the space. Parody art is permitted under US Copyright laws.