FAQ: Dealers’ Room, Author & Artist Alley, Art Show, or Fan Table?

“I want to show or sell my stuff at NASFiC. Where do I belong?”

  1. Are you a nonprofit or not-for-profit, such as a convention looking to sell memberships? Then Fan Tables are right for you. The only items that can be sold here are related to your group or event. Raffles are not permitted. In addition to memberships or tickets, you may also sell shirts, mugs, and other paraphernalia with your nonprofit’s logo. Fan Tables are free, but must be reserved in advance. Fan Tables are 4’ wide by 2.5’ deep (1.2mx0.75m), and come with one chair.

“I’m not a nonprofit…I’m an artist.”

  1. You should look into displaying your art in the Art Show! Artists set up their art on Thursday, and remove it on Sunday, so it is available for silent auction bidding throughout the convention. Artists need to be at least supporting members of the convention; if you wish to attend the NASFiC, you will need an attending membership. (You do not need an attending membership to set up or remove your art; we also accept mailed in art.) The art show will collect the appropriate sales tax for you, too, and takes no commission. For hanging, the art show uses brown pegboard; one 4’ by 4’ space (1.2mx1.2m) is $35. Tables are also available; for $35, you get a 4’ wide by 2.5’ deep (1.2mx0.75m) space. Art Show space must be reserved in advance, and is limited. There is no jury. The Art Show will have overnight paid security.
  2. Additionally, or instead, consider the Alley. The Alley is for all types of creatives. Tables are sold by the day, at $20 per day for a 4’ wide by 2.5’ deep (1.2mx0.75m) space. If you buy Thursday, you get Sunday free! Some Alley space may be available at the convention, but we encourage you to reserve in advance.
  3. If you have a lot of things and you want to sell it yourself, consider a Dealer’s table (see below).

“Actually, I’m an independent author or game designer.”

  1. You, too, should, consider the Alley. The alley is for all types of creatives. Tables are sold by the day, at $20 per day for a 4’ wide by 2.5’ deep (1.2mx0.75m) space. If you buy Thursday, you get Sunday free! Alley tables should be reserved in advance, but may be available at the convention. Alley tables must be cleared nightly.
  2. If you think that won’t be enough space, you may want a table in our Dealer’s room. We suggest you have enough to cover an 8’ table – usually a catalog of about 30 books (see below).

“But I have a lot of stuff to sell!”

  1. Then the Dealer’s room might be right for you. We jury this space to make sure there is a balance of offerings, and they are things we know fans want to buy. There are two basic spaces in the Dealer’s room. A table is 8’ long by 2.5’ wide (2.4mx0.75m), comes with two chairs and a tablecloth, plus at least enough space behind it for you to sit (guaranteed 3’/1m, though it may be more). It does not come with memberships or electricity, which may be purchased separately. You may purchase up to two tables. A booth is a 10’ by 10’ (3mx3m) floor space. It comes with a table, tablecloth, two chairs, two memberships, and one plug for $350. It does not include side wall curtains. You may purchase up to two booths; the second booth does not include memberships and is $200. It does include a second plug, table and chairs. Dealer space must be reserved well in advance of the convention. The Dealer’s room will have overnight paid security; the room will be open to our members daily from Thursday evening through Sunday.

“Actually, I just want to put up a display.”

  1. We have Static Exhibits for non-commercial displays. Think of these as poster sessions, though the poster can be on anything (must be G-rated and not violate our Code of Conduct). We can also display your amazing model or other 3D item. Arrangements for Static Exhibits must be made by May, but there is no cost to display.

“I have questions!”

  1. Contact us! Email exhibits@buffalonas`fic2024.org if you can’t decide which area is right for you, or to inquire about Static Exhibit space. For Art Show, email artshow@buffalonasfic2024.org. For Dealers, use dealers@buffalonasfic2024.org. For the Alley, email alley@buffalonasfic2024.org. And use fantables@buffalonasfic2024.org for Fan Tables. (Why, yes, there is a pattern here.) You may also visit each area’s page on our website to sign up. Look under the “What’s On” tab.