Hi Everyone!

Thank you for wanting to be part of the NASFIC experience! Are you looking to make your NASFIC experience the best ever?? To be able to see what happens and be part of the behind the scenes excitement? We have the perfect solution! VOLUNTEER!!!!

NASFIC needs people to help out during the convention. If you are up for the challenge, please complete the volunteer form.

I am so looking forward to meeting all of you at NASFiC!

Linda Pierce

We are looking for volunteers to fill roles ranging from department heads to info desk staffers.

Please browse the list of available roles below, and contact volunteers@buffalonasfic2024.org to apply.

If you don’t see a role that calls to you, please fill out the volunteer form to express your interest. If you have any problems with the form please let us know at webmaster@buffalonasfic2024.org.

Click on any role to see a description of that role.

Sales Table

Tasks and responsibilities: Sales to members At Con Team Lead; A team lead is needed to help throughout the days. You would be responsible for scheduling. You will be in charge of a staff at the con to sell con specific merchandise.

Skills and experience: Knowledge of credit cards and cash drawers a plus. You will be trained prior to the con.

Time commitment: You would have to be available to the table throughout the con

At Con Registration Staff

Tasks and responsibilities: You will be working under the Registration lead and guiding people through the registration process. This should be fun for both of you!

Skills and experience: Cash register/Credit Card experience a plus. You will be trained. Being a people person is a plus.

Time commitment: This may include a zoom meeting or 2 before the con. During the con, you will need to be at registration during the hours you have committed to.


Tasks and responsibilities: Arrange for, set up, and remove NASFiC-related, fan-related, and Guest of Honor-related exhibits (mostly posters)

Skills and experience: Fannish connections a plus

Time commitment: about 1-2 hours/week before the convention arranging exhibits; set-up and tear-down (Wed/Sun); check in occasionally during the convention; return shipping afterwards


Tasks and responsibilities:  Arrange for donations and get them ship to our storage; help set up flyer racks, put out free stuff, keep it neat as needed

Skills and experience:  some lifting, email

Time commitment:  a few hours precon, set-up (wed) and tear-down (sun);
drop by occasionally to neaten during the convention

Discord Moderator

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Monitor the convention Discord server for Code of Conduct (CoC) violations.
  • Monitor the convention Discord server to ensure conversation is flowing smoothly.
  • For example, if an extended conversation goes off-topic, encourage people to move conversations to the appropriate channel.
  • Monitor the help desk to answer questions or direct them to the correct team.
  • Post daily topics and themes as needed.

Skills and experience

  • Experience with using Discord.
  • Patience when dealing with people, especially antagonistic members.
  • Documentation on how to use the moderation features will be provided.
  • Training, including evaluation of potential CoC violations and the escalation procedures, will be provided.
  • You will need internet access and your own Discord account. 
  • Any other online attendance will require your own online membership.

Time commitment

  • May be on-site or remote.
  • Check in with the Online Shift Manager on Discord before your shift.
    Please show up 15 minutes prior to your volunteer shift in order to obtain any last minute guidance.  This also allows the convention to ensure that all streams are covered.
  • Once your shift is complete, inform the Online Shift Manager on Discord that you have finished.
  • Please provide availability for each convention day.
In-Person Voice of Online

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Moderates chat, raises questions to the room.
  • You will be the face of online attending members in the up-streamed/hybrid panels.
  • Be logged into RingCentral Events while in the physical panel room.
  • Responsible for raising your hand to provide questions and comments as appropriate from the Online Attending Members.
  • Monitor the panel and particularly the chat for Convention’s Code of Conduct violations.
  • Report violations to the CoC team.

Skills and experience

  • Good communicator, able to listen to multiple people and communicate the gist of what is being said.

Time commitment

  • Required to be in person at the convention
  • Provide at con availability
  • Check in with the Volunteers in the con before the start of your shift. Please show up at least 15 minutes before the start of your shift.
  • Once your shift is complete, check out with Volunteers.
Virtual Greenroom Personal Assistant

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Assists online participants to join upstream program
  • Coordinates with in-person Green Room
  • You will be the face of the convention to the online attendees of Worldcon that are participating in Hybrid Up-Streamed Program items. Please be patient and kind whilst interacting with them.
  • Provide Tech Support for all hybrid program participants in Zoom.
  • Coordinate with Program regarding program participants that are late or missing.

Skills and experience

  • Good communication skills. Works well with Program Participants.

Time commitment

  • Required to be in person at the convention
  • At con shifts will likely be for 3-4.5 hrs
  • Provide at con availability
  • Check in with Volunteers before the start of your shift. Please show up at least 15 minutes before the start of your shift.
  • Check in with online Discord Moderator and/or Voice of Online when program participant arrives.
  • Once your shift is complete, check out with Volunteers.
Con Office Volunteers

Tasks and responsibilities

  • This role is part of the Con Office, a shared office facility that will be available to at-con for other staff and volunteers. Think of it like a school staff room: this is where people can pick up any last-minute supplies they need: markers for running art workshops, pens to sign people up for events, batteries for their equipment, electrical tape to secure a loose cable etc. This is where they can ask for access to shared equipment such as a printer or laptop.
  • We require people to help staff our shared office space during the con, lending a helping hand to any con volunteers who need to use equipment or who require supplies to keep things running smoothly.
  • Work Involved in the Role
    • Staffing the desk and helping others to find the supplies they need
    • Printing documents on people’s behalf, or helping others to do so
    • Logging any supplies to be purchased as the need arises (the purchasing will be carried out
      by others)
  • During move-in, we also need helpers to organise the supplies so that everyone can find them when needed.

Skills and experience

  • No specific experience required. Familiarity with Google sheets is a plus.

Time commitment

  • 1-2 hours a day during MIMO/during the con; a shift roster will be in place
  • During their first shift, the con office staff will have someone there to show them what to do
Publications (all at-con roles)
  • Asst. Signmaster: Needed Thurs. through Sunday. Cover Signmaster role when that person isn’t available, or as scheduled.
  • Asst. Newsletter editor: Needed Wed. if possible, otherwise Thurs. through Sun. Proofreads and edits other people’s writings, writes up stories as they come in from reporters or from suggestions. Backup the Newsletter Area Head