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Attending members may attend the con in-person and receive all convention publications. Attending members will also have access to sign in to Virtual programs.


Virtual members receive all convention publications electronically only. Virtual members will be able to view all events on the main stage and participate in events that will be flagged as Hybrid in the program. There will also be a track of virtual only programming.


Supporting members receive all convention publications.

If you voted in NASFiC site selection at Pemmi-Con, you are automatically a supporting member of Buffalo NASFiC. To upgrade from Supporting to Attending or Virtual please send an email to

Age Verification required at badge pick-up.

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Rate: (USD)
Attending Adult Membership [age 20+]$105
Converting from Supporting to Attending
Young Adult Membership [age 13-19]$80
Child Attending Membership [age 7-12]$50
Kid-in-Tow [age under 7 years old]$0
Supporting Only$30
Converting from Supporting to Virtual

At the Door Rates

Rate: (USD)Rate: (USD)Rate: (USD)
Attending Adult Membership [age 20+]$115$100$70
Converting from Supporting to Attending
Young Adult Membership [age 13-19]$90$80$70
Child Attending Membership [age 7-12]$50$40$30
Kid-in-Tow [age under 7 years old]$0$0$0

One Day Passes (at the door only)

Rate: (USD)Rate: (USD)Rate: (USD)Rate: (USD)
Attending Adult Pass [age 20+]$35$40$40$35
Young Adult Pass [age 13-19]$30$35$35$30
Child Pass [age 7-12]$20$25$25$20
Kid-in-Tow [age under 7 years old]$0$0$0$0

There are no conversion rates for One Day Passes.


You can register online by going to

(You may also register by mail by sending a check postmarked before June 30, 2024 and providing all of the required information from the form at

Please see our Refunds and Transfer Policy for more information on those topics.

If you have any questions or issues please email